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  Sea Escapes Ltd 
1950 Silver Glen Road, South Elgin, Illinois 60177
Established in 1993


Welcome To Our Website!

Sea Escapes is a family-owned business specializing in helping people with all of their aquatic needs.  Whether it's freshwater/saltwater aquariums, or ponds, we have something for everyone.  Sea Escapes depends on our excellent staff to provide our customers friendly, knowledgable, professional service.   Feel free to stop in and have a look around. Let us know what you think.  Feel feel to look around our website as well.  Thanks for coming!

Not only do we sell aquatic items, but we can provide COST on most dog, cat, small animal, bird, and repitle items that are ordered from our vendors! All orders are delivered on Fridays! Some restrictions may apply, inquire with in :)

We Thank You for your continuing business and support!

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